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What Clients Say

Brett - Business Attorney

This is the best digital marketing agency I could have hoped to work with. Giovanni worked extremely hard to understand my business and come to me with unique ideas that proved extremely powerful to the presence of my business. In the past year working with his agency, I’ve doubled my firm’s revenue and have more leads than I know what to do with. I will continue to work with this versatile and out of the box agency.

Brett C., Business Attorney
Ana - Clinical Psychologist

I came to Giovanni with a blank slate. He helped me get my private practice website up and running, and educated me on the basics of local business and social media sites. After a series of content and ad-focused campaigns, I acquired enough clients to be self-sufficient within 3 months of working with him, and now have the professional presence to land speaking opportunities after 6 months of having hired this agency. I feel fully confident in the professionalism my online presence lends to me and my practice.

Ana, Qualified Mental Health Practitioner

My Philosophy

Giovanni Sanchez

Before working with each other, I think it’s important you know a bit about the way I think and work. I believe small businesses spend way too much money on advertising, and not enough time considering where their audience is paying attention. If I can help you solve for that problem, I’ll have done my job. But, I don’t take on clients to simply get a job done. I view my working relationships as partnerships. I feel a very real responsibility to connect the biggest audience to your brand for the least amount of money, then hand you solid data so you know where to double down. To be clear right off the bat, a lot varies between the strategies I advise for each client, but the constant that many aren’t taking seriously enough is a commitment to consistent social media posts.

In my work with small business owners, I’ve been told that my approach is refreshing, and I think that’s for two reasons. The first is, when working with someone with genuine interest in the value proposition and success of your business, you can rest assured they’re doing their best to accurately represent your brand – to get you in front of the right people, to develop relationships on behalf of your business (e.g. when reaching out to influencers or media outlets), etc. The second reason is because traditional marketing methods don’t provide accurate representations on the ROI of your ad spend. With digitally based marketing and a keen eye on audience behavior, I can tell you exactly how much you spent, how many people saw your ad, who your best responding audience is, the cost of customer acquisition, and so much more.

The greatest successes I’ve experienced in my life have been a direct result of a cycle of observation, strategizing, execution, and reflection. One of my guiding principles is that that which is measured, is managed. Without metrics to analyze and reflect on, your business is rudderless. With them, you know which levers to push and pull to acheive successful results. Because of this, I believe that even if we hit target campaign metrics, if I don’t help you set up systems of measuring your success, I’m failing you. I don’t like to fail, I like to set stretch goals and transcend them. If that sounds like someone you’d like to work with, let’s talk.

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