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Transcendent Digital was founded on a realization that digital-first marketing strategies are a huge opportunity that small businesses are not realizing, and that digital marketing is no longer a single-specialty game. Long-gone are the days an organization could rely on SEO, or pay-per-click advertising to bring in customers at an efficient price point. Successfully marketing your brand requires a multifaceted, holistic approach that specialists alone can no longer provide. You need someone that can strategize and communicate a cohesive brand narrative across a variety of different mediums, and do so creatively and analytically. Your customer lives in a sea of noise, and it’s your marketer’s job to navigate through it all and bring that customer face to face with your business.

Giovanni Sanchez founded Transcendent to be that complete marketing solution for small businesses. We first work to understand your business, your customer base, and your goals. Then, we analyze consumer data to discover where your audience spends their time with the purpose of answering critical questions – what platforms are they on, what kinds of interests do they share, when are they most engaged with these platforms, who are your most successful competitors? With these answers in mind, we begin to form a strategy for who to target, where and when to advertise and publish content, and how to speak the language of your ideal customer. Some strategies may be very basic and involve a website refresh and local business listings. Others may be more involved and include building out a consistently publishing media arm or reaching out to influential personalities or media outlets to push your brand to the forefront of your audience’s mind, ultimately driving a purchase decision.

The point is, the strategies advised and the techniques employed vary as widely as the types of businesses we serve. Because we realize each of our clients have unique goals, needs, and audiences, Transcendent Digital has positioned itself to be the versatile and multifaceted digital agency required by small businesses today.

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About the Founder & Our Process

Hey there, my name is Giovanni Sanchez, but you can call me Gio. I started Transcendent Digital to help small businesses grow their digital presence. A lot of my clients are local to Austin, TX (where I currently live) and maybe have a website, are on local sites, but aren’t sure how to maximize their marketing budget or even where to begin growing their audience. Actually, a lot of my clients aren’t even aware of the immense power that social media advertising platforms grant to reach customers, and do so in a strategic, calculated and measured way.

That’s not to say I only work with clients on social media campaigns. I love having conversations about creative ideas to get your business to the next level and beyond. The solutions to the problems faced by small businesses vary, but, generally, I maintain a holistic approach to developing a client’s presence online.

That generally involves the basics – have a website, be on sites like Yelp, Google Maps, etc., maintain a Facebook page. Most businesses have at least that covered (if you don’t, definitely call me). But where do you go from there? Run a promo on Groupon or Yelp? Pay-per-click campaigns on Google Adwords? Facebook ads seem like a good idea. Those are all great techniques – tools in your toolbelt, if you will – but your target customer might not pay attention to any of those platforms, or, if they do, how will you ensure you’re reaching them effectively across as many of them as possible and at a price-point that makes economic sense?  None of those tools alone will allow you to build the staircase to your next goal.

For that reason, I make sure to spend time understanding my clients’ businesses – their products or services, target audience, competitors, whether they do business locally or nationwide. From there I’ll come to you with a complete marketing roadmap, covering the type of marketing ideal for your business and the tools and techniques we’ll use to execute against that plan while measuring our success as we go. These strategic roadmaps vary by business, and each one is custom tailored to my clients’ needs. But, I generally cover 3 main questions: who is your target customer, where are they paying attention, how do you speak their language to get them to buy. Those 3 questions frame every technique I suggest in my complete roadmap for your business.

I realize a lot of that sounds general and vague, but a lot of what I do varies based on the needs of my client. And, my best clients are comfortable with flexibility and open space, which allows for a free-flow exchange of unique and creative ideas. For more specifics on what I do, check out the services Transcendent can provide your business.

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