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What We Can Do For You

Social Media Content & Ad Management

Our agency firmly believes that if our clients have not already deployed a social media content strategy, they are playing catch up. That said, we are at a golden age of both paid advertising and organic growth opportunity, and we are here to help small businesses capitalize on them. We specialize in Facebook paid advertising, as well as Instagram organic growth. We’ve helped clients achieve rates as low as $0.08 per click and under $8.00 cost per 1,000 views (or CPM).

This process is a true blend of art and science, as anything from a change in the ad image color to the phrasing of a sentence to audience interest selection can drastically affect the ROI of Facebook ads. We take the process extremely seriously and, while we lean on experience and expertise, each campaign includes multiple A/B test routes and paths to optimization. All this in an effort to get you the highest converting ad set in front of the most engaged audience just waiting to hear your message.

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Website & Landing Page Development

Although we highly encourage all Transcendent clients to invest time into their social media properties, all roads should lead to Rome. Or, in your case, your website. Whether you have one reminiscent of Y2K, or you’re starting a new endeavor and have a clean slate, we can get you the polished, professional website you need.

We’re happy to work with your graphic design team or design and compile images for you (although, admittedly, it’s not our agency’s strongsuit).

Realistically, what you want from your website will be different from most other clients we’ve helped. Maybe you want a simple 4 page site, a long-form sales page, or multi-niche blog. But, given you’re in business, we understand that you want your investment in your online presence to pay off. Which is why we place such high priority on lead generation and conversion. We’ve helped clients achieve upwards of 25% conversion rates on their websites when paired with Facebook PPC advertising. As you’ve probably already read, we’re relentless about data collection and analysis driving our marketing behaviors, and web design is no exception.

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Audience Tracking & Reporting Infrastructure

By now, you’ve read about how data drives our agency. It determines where we find your audience, what your audience wants to hear, when they want to hear it, how to speak their language, what your competitors are doing to reach them. And, it reflects how effectively we are performing as your digital ad agency. Data doesn’t lie. And, that’s why we like it.

We want you to like it, too. Which is why we advise Transcendent clients incorporate an ongoing, easy-to-understand data collection and reporting procedure into their regular state-of-the-business assessments. This sounds daunting, but we work hard to make it simple to grasp the breakdown of your web traffic, social media audience, and referral sources driving sales for your business. Once we understand what’s most important to your success, we break down your vital metrics, implement tracking measures, and aggregate them to feed you only the most important data for you to make decisions about where to invest your ad dollars for the maximum ROI even after we’re gone.

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Other Things We Do

Create Engaging Email Sequences

Even as long as email has been around, it’s power as a marketing tool is still unquestionable. Real estate in your prospects’ inboxes is invaluable as it’s yet another place for them to be exposed to your brand on a regular basis. We help businesses build campaigns that drive email opt-ins and build trust with their audience through consistent and quality content designed to keep that audience engaged with the brand. While email marketing might not be the first step for all businesses, it’s certainly a tool we have expertise and success in wielding.

Photography & Videography

We live in an increasingly visual world. In order to be seen, it’s become a necessity for businesses to craft a story for their brands in photo and video. Those that harness the power of visual media are seeing unbelievable results, and we are well equipped to help our clients get ahead of the curve.

Manage Content Marketing

Without a doubt, industry authority makes sales effortless. But, getting there takes time, consistency, and quality content that your audience finds valuable. And, it has to be found by those you want to read it. Written content marketing, while time-consuming and slow to build, has been one of the most successful techniques we’ve witnessed with our highest grossing clients. Given the successes our clients have experienced, we are well prepared to help you manage your content schedule and publication as a technique in a multifaceted marketing strategy.

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